After 3 years, NASA's Martian rover finally reaches destination

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

Another Mars mission is officially complete, thanks to a rover called Opportunity. Fitting name, isn't it? The spacebot has spent THREE YEARS trying to reach a destination on the Red Planet and finally hit its mark!

In 2004, Opportunity and its twin rover Spirit were shipped off to Mars to find, photograph and document evidence that the planet was once "warmer and wet." And in 2008, Opportunity embarked on a driving spree across the 14-mile Endeavor crater that it just now completed.

During the rovers' journey, there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that Spirit never made it to the finish line. NASA unfortunately lost contact with it earlier this year. The good news is that on Tuesday, Opportunity arrived safely at the rim of the crater.

Who says everything in space travels at the speed of light? It took some time, but they got the job done.

According to CBS:

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said that Opportunity's findings and data are expected to play a central role in laying the groundwork for future human missions to Mars as well as for 'other places where humans have not yet been.'
The location on the rim has been named "Spirit Point" in honor of Opportunity's unlucky traveling partner.

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