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Out of the Blue Hero by Keith Burns

AfterShock Comics announce graphic novels 'Out of the Blue' and 'Horde' at NYCC

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Oct 5, 2018, 5:16 PM EDT

Following the launching of their first orginal graphic novel, Witch HammerAfterShock Comics announced the upcoming releases of two hardcover OGNs at its New York Comic Con panel today. The first one is the World War II aerial combat action thriller, Out of the Blue by Garth Ennis and Keith Burns, who last worked together on Johnny Red. The second hardcover is by Marguerite Bennett and Lila Leiz called Horde.

Out of the Blue #1 Page 14-15 Spread

Out of the Blue #1 Page 14-15 Spread by Keith Burns

In Out of the Blue, Jamie McKenzie is a member of the Royal Air Force who is deployed to deadly shipping strikes along the enemy coast. With WWII near its end, the Germans have deadly outposts that are heavily armed. McKenzie has a commanding officer that is not on his side and assigns him the least popular navigator and an unreliable Mosquito fighter bomber to help end the campaign once and for all. Having written a large library of war comics such as War Stories, Dan Dare, Phantom Eagle, Ennis continues to his brand of military tales of dark humor, suspense and ground-level violent-filled action to AfterShock after creating Dreaming Eagles in 2015. Ennis also created Jimmy's Bastards and A Walk Through Hell at the New York-based comics publisher. 

“It’s always a great pleasure to work with Garth,” said AfterShock Publisher/CCO Joe Pruett said in a statement. “(He) doesn’t tell a story, especially from this time era, unless he is passionate about it, so you know he’s going to bring his A-game.”

“Plus, I was first to introduced to Keith Burns years ago, but, to this point, never had the chance to work with him, so this is something that has been a long time coming. Trust me when I say, it has been worth the wait as he is delivering!”

Horde #1 Cover

Horde #1 Cover by Leila Leiz

Horde is a haunted house horror tale that plays off the fascination with hoarders as we are introduced with Ruby Ando who tries to reconnect with her estranged mother after her father’s death. When she visits her mother’s home, all of attention she sought as a child, but never got, has been poured into the material possessions suffocating the interior space of the house. After realizing that it’s the trinkets that may be possessing her mother, Ruby attempts to tear her mother from the house, which thrusts them into a maze to ensure Ruby is going to be absorbed into its collection or cast out forever.

Bennett, who has published the fan-favorite titles InsextsAnimosity and Animostiy: Evolution for AfterShock, described Horde as “Part Hoarders, part Poltergeist, part Child’s Play. It is ultimately a story a love, told through what we mean to keep, and what we mean to destroy.”  

Out of the Blue is a 72-page hardcover OGN priced at $19.99 and will be released March 2019. It is written by Garth Ennis, art and cover are by Keith Burns, colors by Jason Wordie, and etters by Rob Steen. Horde is a 64-page color hardcover priced at $19.99 with a release date of summer 2019. It is written by Marguerite Bennett, art and cover by Leila Leiz, colors by Guy Major and letters by Marshall Dillon.

See the preview art below and let us know what you think.

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