Agent Carter fan favorite back for Season 2, but with a twist

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Dec 28, 2015

Despite the change in locale from New York to California, Marvel’s period-set spy series Agent Carter has managed to retain much of the core cast. But there was one fan favorite missing from the list — until now.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Lyndsy Fonseca, who played Peggy’s gal pal Angie Martinelli, will be back late in the second season of Agent Carter. But that doesn’t mean Angie will be moving to Hollywood with the rest of the gang. Instead, she will appear in a dream sequence Peggy is experiencing in the ninth episode of the season, which finds Peggy and Jarvis knocked out in a life-threatening cliffhanger.

So episode nine will kick off with a massive dance number featuring Angie, who steps in as Peggy's "Jiminy Cricket" to allow her to face some things she doesn’t want to address. Executive producer Michele Fazeka teased that Fonseca “looks like Rita Hayworth” in the segment, which starts in black and white and evolves into an ambitious, color, Broadway-style musical number featuring some bona fide Dancing With the Stars alums (ABC synergy!).

This sounds like it should be one heck of a fun sequence, and hey, whatever it takes to get Fonseca back on the screen for a few scenes. Agent Carter returns Jan. 19 to ABC.

Are you glad to hear she’ll be back for Season 2 (albeit in a glorified cameo role)? 

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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