Agent Carter producer teases what's next for the acclaimed Marvel prequel

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Jan 26, 2015, 5:19 PM EST (Updated)

It might not be a ratings juggernaut, but ABC’s Agent Carter is one of the most entertaining shows on television. So what’s in store for the rest of season one?

Spoilers ahead for ABC’s Agent Carter!

The jury is still out on whether the network will bring the Captain America spinoff back for another season, but if nothing else, the show has shown just how fun the Marvel universe can be on television. Take some notes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With a handful of episodes left in the seven-part run, showrunner Michele Fazekas chatted with IGN about where they’ll take things next — considering that Peggy (Hayley Atwell) finally tracked down all of Howard Stark’s missing tech that kicked off the series back in the pilot. Well, don’t worry, folks, there’s still a whole lot more craziness to come:

“I think if you thought the show was going to be finding Howard Stark’s tech every week, we found them! We found it all [in the last episode] So now it’s like who was behind it and what is their real goal? So now we really get into it. The episode that airs in next, you find out what Howard Stark’s agenda is - Peggy finds out what it is. But it’s like, okay, we put that part aside. That’s only a symptom of a larger problem…

I would say not everyone is who they appear to be and even the people who you think you know who they are, they’re smarter than you think they are. They know more than you think they know. So everybody’s got their little moment…

Dooley and Thompson are really good examples of people who have growth and have depth to them that you don’t necessarily immediately see. Episode five, you get to know a lot more about Thompson and over the course of the episodes, Dooley starts to maybe see Peggy in a different light. Because he’s smart. They’re all smart. Sousa’s smart. Sousa is the one who in the last episode was like, ‘There’s something fishy about this.’ He’s a smart guy and Peggy is nervous about that and she should be nervous.”

It seems things will only be getting more and more complicated as Peggy tries to balance her day job and secret missions freelancing for Stark, and it sounds like we’ll have a few more mysteries pop up before the first season wraps. We’re also starting to dig the rest of the SSR team, and we’re glad to hear they’ll get more to do before the show goes on its (permanent?) hiatus.

What have you thought of the first season? Would you like to see the show return next year?

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