Agent Carter producer on what changed (and stayed the same) with the move to L.A. in Season 2

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Jan 13, 2016, 12:49 PM EST

When its second season premieres next week, ABC’s Peggy Carter will be heading to the West Coast for a fresh start — but that doesn’t mean a few things won’t stay the same.

Producer Tara Butters chatted with Marvel about the new season, touching on how they remixed elements from the first year with some new elements to keep the period-set spy-fi series fresh. One thing that won’t change this season is the dynamic between Peggy (Hayley Atwell) and Jarvis (James D’Arcy), as they made sure to find an “organic” way to keep the duo together as they face a new challenge in Hollywood.

They also touched on the time jump between Seasons 1-2, which helped them develop that set-up to reunite Peggy, Jarvis and a good bit of her old SSR gang from New York. Check out an excerpt from her comments below and let us know what you think:

“When you’re talking about storytelling in the ‘40s, a lot of the film noir takes place in L.A. And obviously, we shot in L.A. So it had been something that we talked about a lot, and we started to build a story around that. What’s great about that is you have the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, and you have the crime and corruption right next to each other. We just started with, ‘Well, how would we get Peggy to L.A.?’ And how much time has passed between the first season and the second season? Because there’s been a lot of time between the first and second season air dates, we wanted to show that time has passed, people are in a little bit different positions, and things have happened between these seasons that we maybe don’t know about.

It was a very organic way to have Jarvis back because having Jarvis in the show was super important. That was the central relationship of the show. And the way we did it was through Howard, because we didn’t know if Dominic Cooper was going to come back. So we said, well, he works for Howard, and Howard has decided to move his base of operations to L.A. because you have this sort of burgeoning tech field out here [with] General Atomics and JPL. So Howard’s out here doing government contract work and in his spare time, he’s decided to open up a movie studio, sort of as a hobby. So Jarvis has come out here with him to help him set up his Beverly Hills Estate.”

Peggy Carter returns to ABC on January 19.


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