Agent Carter's James D'Arcy on Jarvis' backstory, the back half of Season 2

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Feb 3, 2016, 5:48 PM EST (Updated)

The ratings might not be looking too hot, but Marvel’s Agent Carter is easily one of the most fun shows on television right now. Luckily for us, co-star James D’Arcy promises it's only getting started.

D’Arcy, who plays Peggy’s partner in crime-fighting Jarvis, told Variety the first four episodes have basically been setting the stakes for what’s to come — and the back six episodes will be when things really get fun. D’Arcy also touched on whether we’ll learn more about Jarvis’ backstory. Season 2 already introduced us to his wife, and D’Arcy promises she’ll play a key role in the proceedings moving forward.

Check out an excerpt from his comments below:

“I agree with you – I really did, and I have two further things to add to that. One is, with all seasons, it takes an episode or two to set up what your story is. It’s inevitable that there’s going to be exposition, as there is in every show — we’ve got to tell you what’s going on, and then at some point you settle in to what the show is. And I feel that what you see in episode 4 is only the very beginning of what the next six episodes offer. I think that it becomes funnier and more poignant as the show goes along. And the show now treads that line really beautifully for the rest of the season. And obviously [also] lots of action and all the other stuff that you hope will come along with a show like this…

We do take a little step back at one point [for Jarvis’ backstory], but it’s not quite in the way that we explore Hayley’s childhood. We take a little step back and the way they’ve written it is very satisfying to people who’ve been watching this show since we began. And more than that, I better not say because it will slightly spoil it, but what we also do is… [explore] this relationship that, in my experience the fans were excited to see, Jarvis’ wife … now we’ve actually met her, she’s a really crucial part to what happens this season.”

Agent Carter airs Tuesday nights on ABC.

(Via Variety)

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