Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. face a future with Hive-Ward in 'Spacetime'

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Apr 6, 2016, 12:13 PM EDT

Spoilers ahead for “Spacetime,” Episode 15 of Season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After a brief encounter with Inhuman Charles Hinton, who can show snippets of the future via touch, which always ends in death, Daisy sets out to change a timeline – which may or may not be set in stone. Meanwhile, Hive-Ward comes back into play in a big way, and is looking mighty healthy. And Andrew turns himself in for a reunion with May before what he believes will be his final, permanent transformation into Lash.

The good: Hive takes fashion advice from Neo

After hanging out underground for a bit, it was satisfying to see Hive-Ward mix it up. Wearing some new duds (he must’ve really enjoyed The Matrix when he was scanning all of human history), he thanks Malick for bringing him back and finds out the latter’s desire: true power.

Hive obliges by giving Malick a power harness after the pair crash a board meeting for the tech company that also made Coulson’s cyber-hand and unleashes his dust lifeforce sucky power (probably need a better name for that). Talk about a hostile takeover!

It seemed a bit unnecessary to use Hinton’s power on the CEO, since everyone was going to die anyhow, and they could have just skipped to the murderous rampage. But I think Hive is enjoying using his fellow Inhumans.

Unfortunately for Malick, it would seem Hive has shown him how unnecessary he really is – or how expendable, when Hive so chooses. Will this impact ol’ Gideon’s loyalty? And what did Malick see in his own vision? Since he called Giyera to remind him to be loyal, we can assume Hive’s new telekinetic BFF will play into Malick’s future (and death?).

Likewise, isn’t it curious that Hive has Coulson on his mind? There must still be enough Ward inside Hive to crave revenge. Either that, or Hive legit sees Coulson as a threat. And how great was Coulson’s first glimpse of Ward in the surveillance camera? Yup, their day kept getting weirder.

Beyond the Hive-Ward stuff, this was an action-packed episode with a lot of heavy lifting courtesy of Daisy. It was pretty cool having May attempt to pre-fight a set up Daisy saw in her vision, but it turns out Fitz was right all along: The future is fixed. So that bit of badassery of Daisy taking out a room of henchmen was meant to be hers all along.

Also, it’s worth noting that the awesome fight was done in one take, with actor Chloe Bennet killing the entire thing. This is becoming a welcome staple for this show.

The bad: Lash back, timey-wimey theories

A recurring theme this week is that all Inhumans are part of a larger plan (which Hive likely understands all too well, especially considering his no-kill policy with them). Andrew understands it, too, but turned himself in before his final transformation into Lash. It didn’t make sense that May couldn’t still join the mission since we didn’t know when Andrew would change, but hey: TV logic.

Their interaction was thoughtful (talking about changing the past, not the future), but it was a forced B-plot. I know there is more Lash to come, but I would have preferred saving this conversation for another episode.

Coulson, after everything he’s experienced, acts like a rookie when it comes to time theory and prophetic visions. The guy who asked, “Is this possible” is the same one resurrected after being impaled by a god? C’mon, Phil. It seemed weird that he thought the way to avoid the future was by sending May and locking everyone else down at base. It is never that easy – even if it did allow for a pretty solid time theory explanation from Fitz (Though it was pretty great when he told Lincoln he was off the team after learning the Inhuman had never seen the original Terminator).

Of course, Coulson’s approach did allow for multiple practice fights between May and the team while she was on the clock. This was a great sequence as she repeatedly went through the motions of taking out simulated enemies with a “Bang!” and avoiding kicking Simmons in the face.

Easter egg

Not so much an easter egg as a tease to what’s ahead: Charles provided another glimpse of the quinjet exploding in space, as teased in Episode 11.

Line of the night

Since I already mentioned the Terminator reference, let’s go for touchy-feely.

“It’s Daisy, sir”: Coulson slipping by calling Bennet’s character Skye (which I still do all the time!) reminded me of a thing a parent might do with a child wanting to establish a new identity. Said as she was heading into a mission he didn't even want her on -- where she is predicted to die -- Coulson's line felt honest; a sincere moment in this father-daughter dynamic.

“Maybe some things are inevitable”: Simmons makes us feel all the feels, despite standing under falling ash (and not know who is alive or dead on that rooftop). Still, the hand holding with Fitz was precious.