AI doc 'Do You Trust This Computer?' to stream for free this weekend, thanks to Elon Musk: Watch the trailer

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Apr 22, 2018, 6:03 PM EDT (Updated)

There’s a new documentary warning about the perils of artificial intelligence out there, and Elon Musk wants you to see it. So much so that he’s making it available to stream for free this weekend. 

The documentary — Do You Trust This Computer? — explores the rise of machine intelligence and its possible consequences. There’s a new generation of self-learning computers that has begun to reshape every aspect of our lives. Incomprehensible amounts of data are being created, interpreted, and fed back to us via a flood of apps, personal assistants, smart devices, and targeted advertisements. 

Virtually every industry on earth is experiencing this transformation, from job automation to medical diagnostics, even military operations. Directed by Chris Paine (Who Killed the Electric Car?) and executive-produced by Paine and Tiffany Asakawa, Do You Trust This Computer? asks: Will A.I. usher in an age of unprecedented potential, or will it prove to be our final invention?

Check out the trailer, and then proceed to be creeped way the hell out:

Musk, who is interviewed in the doc, took to Twitter to write: “Nothing will affect the future of humanity more than digital super-intelligence. Watch Chris Paine’s new AI movie for free until Sunday night,” followed by the link to the movie


“It’s a very important subject that will affect our lives in ways we can’t even imagine — some scary, some good. It’s a subject that I feel we should be paying close attention to,” said Musk in a news release. “I think it’s important that a lot people see this movie, so I’m paying for it to be seen to the world for free this weekend.”

Do You Trust This Computer? will be available to stream for free from Thursday midnight through Saturday midnight from the film’s website. The film will be available to rent and purchase on the website thereafter. But remember: As you watch, it’s most likely also watching you.

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