Ain’t no Sunshine

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Jul 21, 2007

Well! I was all set to go see the movie Sunshine today so I could enjoy and review it... but it's not playing in Boulder.


That is incredible to me. We have more solar astronomers here per square centimeter than most every other place in the country. That alone should guarantee a screening! Maybe Boulder is too small, so I checked other places: it's not even playing in Denver. That's a rather fair-sized city.

I am very bummed. My friend Brian Cox was the science advisor, and his wife Gia blogged extensively about the making of the movie, so I am totally fired up (hahahaha) to see it. But I can't.


I know it came out in the UK some time ago, but I don't think the DVD is out yet either. I am aware of other methods of obtaining it, but I'd prefer to keep this legal. I'll see what I can do.

Update: Evidently it opens in limited release in the U.S., and will open in more theaters next week. Bummer.

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