Air dates + details for those long-lost Star Wars: Clone Wars eps (but there's a catch)

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Jan 17, 2014, 12:09 PM EST (Updated)

The strange saga surrounding the unceremonious end of beloved animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars is taking another turn, so hardcore fans might want to relocate to Germany. Quickly.

When Disney pulled the plug on Clone Wars to make room for the new series Rebels, the studio already had quite a few episodes in the can. But the Mouse House didn’t show much interest in airing them, so they’ve languished. At best, fans were hoping they’d be rolled into an upcoming DVD release. Now it sounds like they could show up on German airwaves first.

It’s being reported by German media that the country’s SuperRTL channel has acquired broadcast rights to 13 seemingly unaired episodes, which they are calling the sixth season of the show. The episodes are set to debut with a two-hour block on Feb. 15, with three-episode blocks airing each subsequent week.

The international report indicates that a U.S. air date on Disney XD could be announced in the coming weeks. Considering Disney’s take on rights, that makes enough sense, since they’re shifting the properties over from Cartoon Network to Disney stations. Regardless of where it lands, let's just hope it’s true.

The German site Star Wars Union claims to have the synopses for some of the upcoming episodes. Check them out (albeit via mildly awkward German-to-English translation) below:

Condition unknown (Unknown)Klonkadett Tup suffering from a serious nervous disorder, which ultimately causes the death of a Jedi Master result. To find out the motives for the attack, Tup is sent for examination back to Kamino. Anakin is a member of the monitoring teams, but then they are attacked by separatists.

Conspiracy (Conspiracy)Klonkadett Tup is examined in the sterile laboratories of Kamino to find out the reasons for his shocking attack on the Jedi Master. For this, the cadet must Fives penetrate deep into his mind: He stumbles upon a hidden code-manipulation cloning program in the Republic.

Flight reflex (Fugitive)The body of the Klonkadetten Tup is brought to Coruscant, where he is to be investigated by the personal physicians of the Registrar. Cadet Fives adjusts itself to investigate and finds out that a modified code was hidden in the brains of all clones.

Commands (orders)Fives continues to look for answers to the mysterious act of Klonkadetten Tup. He seeks the personal conversation with Palpatine, but suddenly he is accused of trying to assassinate the Chancellor. Then take Fives escape.

An old friend (An Old Friend)While she dwells on the planet Scipio, to establish a relief mission, Padme Amidala is called by its old Rush Clovis to help. Clovis is afraid of the bounty hunter Embo, because he wants to take action against corruption on his planet. Together with Padme he tries to leave the planet and to get help.

Clovis' advancement (The Rise Of Clovis)Back on Coruscant, Clovis, is appointed chief of his clan pervaded by corruption due to a dubious trade. Anakin's distrust of Clovis creates tension in his relationship with Padme.

Resuscitation (Crisis At The Heart)Once it has entered into a pact with Count Dooku to Clovis suddenly finds himself at war again. As he brought the war to his home planet Scipio, the Republic must intervene.

Lost (Part 1) (The Disappeared (Part 1)The peaceful world Bardotta is threatened by an ancient prophecy, but now of the spiritual leaders of the people are gone by the earth. Therefore, the inhabitants of the planet call their ambassadors to the Senate for help. And Jar Jar Binks actually manages Jedi Master Mace Windu of the importance of the task to convince.

Obviously, none of this is truly confirmed until we get word from Disney, but it’s great to hear there’s at least a chance these episodes are on the verge of making it out into the wild. As for how this will fit in with that upcoming series finale comic run? That’s anyone’s guess.

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