Airline passengers freaked out by guy wearing Princess Bride shirt

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Jan 23, 2013, 3:20 PM EST

Ever have one of those days where you board a flight and all the other passengers think you're a terrorist because of your movie quote t-shirt?

Well, it happened to this guy. Wynand Mullins, a New Zealand native living in Australia, recently a boarded a Qantas flight from Sydney to Auckland wearing a t-shirt we're probably all very familiar with.

Yup, that one. Now, for those of you who've never been to a Hot Topic store or haven't seen the movie 85 times, the quote on the shirt is a line from The Princess Bride, often repeated by Mandy Patinkin's character Inigo Montoya. It's probably the most well-known phrase from the movie, and easily one of the most-quoted movie lines ever uttered. But apparently some of the passengers on Mullins' flight didn't know that, and got a little freaked out when they saw the words "Prepare to die" on the shirt.

"The flight attendant said to me: ‘Are you able to remove it because some of the passengers are quite intimidated by it'. I thought it was all a bit silly," Mullins said. "The person next to me was laughing, because they knew the movie."

Mullins didn't have another shirt to change into, so the flight attendant went to see if the crew had something for him to wear. The flight attendant never came back, but Mullins said he could feel the paranoia for the rest of the flight.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they had someone watching me the whole time," he said. "The whole experience was a bit over the top, but also a bit comical."

A spokesman for Qantas said there was no record of the incident, which just meant the flight crew handled it without any trouble. The spokesman also noted that the airline does have a dress code, though the official statement doesn't elaborate on how that dress code applies to people who are offended or freaked out by a quote from a movie they haven't seen.

"Qantas does have dress standards for passengers travelling on our aircraft . . . particularly for slogans which other passengers may find offensive or threatening."

So, apparently in some circles quotes from The Princess Bride are rather threatening. Inconceivable! (Yeah, yeah, we know, but we just had to drop that line.)

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