Al Pacino reveals why he turned down role of Han Solo in Star Wars

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Jun 3, 2013

For a guy with a fair share of iconic roles, Harrison Ford’s turn as Han Solo in Star Wars is arguably one of the most iconic. But it turns out George Lucas had another breakout actor in mind first — and here’s why that guy turned it down.

The role was apparently first offered to Al Pacino, who declined Lucas’ overtures and opened the door for Ford’s ass-kicking performance. So why didn’t Pacino want to bring the blaster-toting space smuggler to life?

His answer, via The Telegraph:

"It was mine for the taking but I didn’t understand the script."

Hmm. Admittedly, as simple as the film seems, it was a pretty high-concept sci-fi pitch at the time that Lucas was trying to get it off the ground (not to mention that the script changed a lot in the development phase). But it makes us curious to know what, exactly, left Pacino so bewildered that he decided to pass on the series.

Are you glad Pacino had so much trouble reading the script, or do you wish he’d have actually gotten the role?

(Via The Telegraph)

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