Alan Moore's long-lost horror comic, Monster, being resurrected by 2000 AD

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Jan 12, 2016, 6:36 PM EST

The irascible madman of the comic world, Alan Moore (Watchmen, V For Vendetta, From Hell), has a new comic coming out courtesy of Britain's 2000 AD.  Well, it's actually an old project that was lost for decades and is now being reprinted by the fine folks who brought you Judge Dredd.

Monster is a tough-to-find early comic Moore and an artist known only as Heinzl started, which was then eventually completed by Dredd creator John Wagner.  It was originally published by Scream!, a small-time British publisher that went under three months after the first issue was printed.  Eagle Publishing picked up the project in turnaround, with Wagner finishing the story under a pseudonym.  It’s an unsettling serial killer tale about a strange, deformed kid raised in an attic who escapes from his prison to become a gentle mass murderer.  Not exactly a sunny story, but totally in keeping with some of the darker aspects of Moore's earlier works.  2000 AD will restore the old Monster series and release a deluxe 190-page collection in July of this year.

2000 AD's Michael Molcher explained the obstacles of this reprint project in an interview with The Guardian:

“Finding good quality copies of Scream! has been difficult as the original film of the story has long since disappeared, but we have substantial experience with 2000 AD collections of restoring neglected comics back to how they looked in the 1970s and 80s.”


What do you think of this discarded treasure from the disturbing mind of Alan Moore, and will you investigate this horror classic when it's re-released this summer?

(Via Den of Geek)