Alan Tudyk returns to K-2SO, co-writing Star Wars comic

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Sep 28, 2017

Alan Tudyk just can't leave K-2SO behind. The actor told SYFY WIRE back in April that he'd love to find a way to return to the droid that he voiced and motion captured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Well, it may not be as an actor, but he did return to the character as a writer.

Teaming with Shannon Eric Denton, who has worked as a producer, writer, and artist for comics and TV (including, naturally, Tudyk's Con Man), Tudyk has contributed to IDW's Star Wars Adventures #3, as revealed on Nerdist.

The story is the backup in the issue, and Tudyk downplays his part in creating it, saying he just wrote a bit of dialogue.

“I wrote some of K-2SO’s words in this. I know how he speaks and thinks since I spoke and thunk him in Rogue One," Tudyk said.

That dialogue includes plenty of snappy sarcasm, and some outright criticism of his companion Cassian Andor. It's nice to "hear" Kaytoo's voice once more, after the tragic ending to Rogue One left little hope of too many more stories.


Check out the preview page above, and read the full story in Star Wars Adventures #3, in stores from IDW Publishing Oct. 11, 2017.

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