Alan Tudyk's Con Man comes to SYFY

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Jul 22, 2017, 11:36 AM EDT

The hilarious digital-first sitcom CON MAN, starring and created by Alan Tudyk, is coming to television. SYFY picked up the first two seasons of the series for broadcast on the network beginning in September.

CON MAN debuted on Vimeo and Comic-Con HQ, a short-form web series, receiving critical acclaim and two Emmy nominations. The story of Wray Nerely (Tudyk), a TV actor who co-starred on a cult hit sci-fi series, Spectrum, as the pilot -- yes, this probably sounds familiar -- he now travels the convention circuit, cashing in on his cult fame. The story is loosely based on Tudyk's own experiences with Firefly. Obviously. Nathan Fillion even has a recurring role, as the former Captain on Spectrum who managed to spin out a successful career playing a TV detective (ahem).

The series takes those basic truths and spins them out into increasingly ridiculous and wild situations, with guest stars along the way who include sci-fi greats from across the ages. Tricia Helfer, Amy Acker, Wil Wheaton, Nolan North, Casper Van Dien, Sean Astin, Sean Maher, and even Lou Ferrigno, who they put in a dance number.

You'll be able to watch Con Man yourself on SYFY this fall. Click here for a new series trailer.