Alcatraz creators: Don't worry! Finale will deliver real answers

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

The Fox series Alcatraz may feature a mysterious island and come from Lost creator J.J. Abrams—but those behind the show say they don't plan to withhold the big answers for nearly as long as that former island drama did.

Sarah Jones, who stars as Detective Rebecca Madsen, told Collider she just finished reading the season-one finale, and she promises it does provide some answers.

"We're working on episode 12 right now. I've read episode 13, which is the last episode, and man, the writers really delivered," she said. "If you like the show and you like the mythology and the mystery, episode 13 is such a payoff for the entire season. I think it's brilliant. Fans of the show are really going to like the last two episodes. They're going to be shocked and amazed!"

In a chat with TV Guide, producers Dan Pyne and Jennifer Johnson said some of the specific threads introduced this year—such as what's behind that mysterious door in the bottom of the prison in 1960—will be answered.

"We're going to open it before the end of the season," Johnson said. "We'll understand by the end of the season what's behind that door, at least one layer of it. It was very important to the Warden. There may only be one person that he shares that secret with."

The larger mysteries of what caused the disappearance—and specifically who caused the disappearance—of all those '63s will also be addressed by season's end.

"But definitely by the end of the season there will be more of a sense of the game that's afoot," Pyne said. "We won't be coy about it and keep holding back. There will be a better sense of what's going on. We may not understand what the endgame is, but at least the players will become a little bit clearer."

Considering the fact that the series has tanked in the ratings as of late, and some are predicting it will be canceled, here's hoping the writers peel enough layers back to at least provide some closure. Just in case.

(via Collider and TV Guide).