Alcatraz starts strong, Grimm gets a big boost and 17 other shows

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Dec 16, 2012

It's a good time for fans of genre TV. We've already added one show—Merlin—to our watch list this year, and now we've got three more. Last week Alcatraz, Being Human and Lost Girl all premiered with strong numbers Monday, while Grimm, Clone Wars, Chuck and Fringe all got welcome numbers spikes Friday.

Check out our NEW AND IMPROVED chart (click below to view full size) and the commentary to see how your favorite genre shows are doing in Live + Same Day ratings.


Alcatraz (FOX)10.05 million viewers/3.3/8 share

Good news for genre television over at Fox. The series premiere of J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz boasted a strong premiere last Monday with a full 1 million more viewers and a .3 higher demo rating than the series premiere of Terra Nova last fall. We'll have to watch the next few weeks to see how many of those curious viewers decide the show is worth sticking around for, but a good premiere is a good premiere.

Being Human (Syfy)1.81 million viewers/0.9

Being Human kicked off its second season Monday night with a strong premiere, though not quite as strong as the season-one premiere a year earlier, which got slightly closer to 2 million viewers. Still, the numbers are higher than the first season's finale by nearly 200,000, so maybe this year the show can climb past 2 million and stay there.

Lost Girl (Syfy)1.47 million viewers/0.5

Lost Girl also premiered strong Monday, despite losing nearly 300,000 viewers from its lead-in, Being Human. The numbers aren't spectacular, but they're still higher than nearly every episode of Sanctuary was last year, and that's an established show. Now we wait to see how many of those viewers stick around for episode two.


We're still waiting for word on another year of Terra Nova. Keep those dino claws crossed.


American Horror Story (FX) - DONE FOR SEASON

No worries for American Horror Story. Season two is on the way, and all we have to do is wait.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS)15.83 million viewers/5.3/15 share

The Big Bang Theory lost the night to American Idol, but that barely slowed it down. It remains the highest-rated scripted series of the night by far.

Person of Interest (CBS)14.40 million viewers/3.2/8 share

Person of Interest lost a few viewers in its second week of 2012, but it still held on to a fairly massive audience, finishing third on the night behind American Idol and The Big Bang Theory.

The Vampire Diaries (CW) 2.71 million viewers/1.1/3 share

Last week The Vampire Diaries dropped below 3 million viewers for the first time in three months, and this week it continued to slip. It's another 100,000 viewers down from last week, and it dropped a tenth of a demo rating point, but it held on to its share. Of course, it was facing off with American Idol, which seems to be endlessly popular for the 18-49 crowd.

The Secret Circle (CW)1.63 million viewers/0.7/2 share

The Secret Circle also kept sliding, losing 300,000 viewers and one tenth of a ratings point. It wasn't facing off against Idol, but it did compete with Fox's new procedural The Finder, which managed a not-too-shabby 2.2 demo rating. We'll see if this trend continues.


A Gifted Man (CBS) - REPEAT

A Gifted Man took a week off. We're still waiting to hear more on this show's future, but it hasn't looked good for a while.

Chuck (NBC)3.82 million viewers/1.1/3 share

Chuck got a big boost for its penultimate episode Friday night, managing the most viewers and highest rating of any episode this season. Looks like some formerly loyal viewers might be tuning in to see how it all ends.

Fringe (FOX)3.19 million viewers/1.1/3 share

The debate over Fringe's future continues behind closed doors at Fox, so the show can use all the extra viewers it can get right now. This week it got about 300,000 extra viewers, giving it its biggest audience since Nov. 4. We've got to keep being realistic about this show's future, but any bit of good news will hopefully prove encouraging to the execs discussing a fifth season right now.

Grimm (NBC)5.92 million viewers/1.8/5 share

Grimm got a major boost this week, picking up more than 1 million viewers, a full share point and four tenths of a ratings point. People seem to be settling back in to their TV schedules for the new year, and for Grimm that means its highest viewership since early November.

Supernatural (CW) - REPEAT

Supernatural took a break this week after a big drop in numbers the week before. Hopefully it can get back on track next week.

Clone Wars (TOON)2.12 million viewers/0.6

It might be people remembering to turn the TV on, or it might be the hype over an anticipated reappearance of Darth Maul, but either way The Clone Wars is doing well these days. After picking up just 100,000 viewers last week, this week the show grabbed 600,000 more for the most-watched broadcast of season four thus far.

Sanctuary (Syfy) - DONE FOR SEASON

We still don't know if we'll see a fifth year for Sanctuary, but it managed to end its fourth with a nice little numbers spike. For now, we leave it with good news.

Merlin (Syfy)1.82 million viewers/0.5

Merlin just keeps climbing. The show picked up almost 100,000 more viewers this week, but unfortunately dropped one tenth of a ratings point. Lower rating aside, this show seems to be proving it's got staying power for yet another year. We'll keep watching to see just how high it can climb.


The Walking Dead (AMC) - OFF

The Walking Dead won't be back until February, but there's no reason to expect less stellar performance in 2012. All we have to do is wait.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) - 9.33 million viewers/3.2/7 share

Once Upon a Time lost 500,000 viewers Sunday night, but even facing off against the NFC Championship over on NBC it managed to stay strong. It was the second-most-watched and second-highest-rated show of the night. That means loyal viewers, and loyal viewers mean stability.

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