Alex Rider superspy books headed for new TV series

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Jun 1, 2017, 7:50 PM EDT

British author Anthony Horowitz has sold the adaptation rights to his multi-book Alex Rider superspy young adult novels, in yet another example of this trendy sub-genre's ongoing popularity.

A bold new "family event" TV series is being developed from the material by ITV Entertainment, in association with producer Eleventh Hour Films, utilizing the talents of screenwriter Guy Burt (The Borgias). The newest and 11th Alex Rider release, "Never Say Die,” will be published this fall.

Centered around a teen superspy recruited by MI6, and his daring deeds against the evil terrorist organization, SCORPIA, the books debuted in 2000 and have sold more than 12-million English copies. In addition to the books, Alex Rider also has an expanded array of tie-in graphic novels, short stories, supplementary books, and even a video game. The first book, “Stormbreaker,” was turned into the 2006 teen flick, Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker starring Magic Mike's Alex Pettyfer.

Horowitz has confidently noted that screenwriter Burt “is cleverly expanding the characters whilst staying true to the spirit of the original novels to ensure that the series will appeal to both loyal fans and a new generation of viewers.”

Is there room for more spy vs spy action on the small screen, and do you think this intellectual property might make for a smart TV series?

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