Alex Kingston has an idea for a kick-ass Who/Torchwood crossover

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Dec 17, 2012

Alex Kingston's River Song has grown into one of the most interesting characters in Doctor Who history, with her backstory comprising much of last season's main story arc. But, that doesn't mean Kingston is satisfied—and if it were up to her, she would make an epic, River-centric Torchwood crossover happen. Like, now.

Kingston made an appearance at the recent Florida SuperCon, and an Ain't It Cool News reader asked what would be next for River, if it were ultimately up to her—and not Who mastermind Steven Moffat.

Her answer? Pure awesomeness.

Per Kingston, its high time River and Torchwood's Captain Jack team up for an epic adventure, and judging by her kick-ass answer, it seems she's thought this one through quite a bit.

Check out her response in the video below.

So does that sound like a good idea to you? How about a River-centric spinoff where she joins up with the remnants of Torchwood to thwart alien baddies?

(Via Ain't It Cool News)