ALF is bringing his cat appetite back to Earth with reboot of classic '80s sitcom

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Aug 1, 2018, 5:07 PM EDT

The biggest smart-aleck alien of the 1980s is bringing his sassy mouth — and his appetite for cats — back to Earth once again.

A reboot of the hit ’80s TV series ALF is in the works, SYFY WIRE has confirmed, with the project currently in the early stages of development. The project would reboot the hit NBC sitcom, which ran (just as the shaggy alien ran his mouth) for four seasons, from 1986 to 1990.

According to TVLine, which first reported the news, the project is being developed by Warner Bros. The studio has not commented on the project.

ALF (short for Alien Life Form) is the acronym of Gordon Shumway, the benign orange furball of an extraterrestrial, whose spaceship from the planet Melmac upended the Tanner family’s daily routine forevermore when it crash-landed in their garage.

Taking up residence with the Tanners, and hiding from the U.S. government’s sinister Alien Task Force, the house-bound ALF immediately introduces the irony-challenged family to an incessant barrage of hot takes and good-natured sass, endearing him — painfully at times — to Willie and Kate, and their two children: teenaged Lynn and younger brother Brian.

The show had fun with alien tropes of all sorts, putting comedically effective distance between the short, hairy ALF and his more sinister, technologically advanced alien cousins on the sci-fi big screen. ALF’s blue-collar speech and eagerness to take the lowest path on the way to a good wisecrack not only made him the most lowbrow member of the Tanner family — it also made the eight-stomached, cat-hungry Melmackian one of the most lowbrow aliens ever to grace a TV screen.

Voice by puppeteer and series co-creator Paul Fusco, Alf ended his 102-episode run in March of 1990. Early reports haven’t revealed where the new series might land on the TV dial, nor whether Fusco would be attached to the reboot.