Alfonso Cuaron fires back at haters over Gravity's scientific 'inaccuracies'

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Dec 13, 2013, 10:44 AM EST

Though the critically acclaimed Gravity is nominated for a boatload of awards this winter, it’s garnered a few haters for its alleged inaccuracies. Now director Alfonso Cuaron is firing back.

Entertainment Weekly asked Cuaron about the pushback the film has gotten in regard to some of the story decisions he made on the science side, and the director says he believes the film is accurate — though they did take a few liberties for sake of the story.

In addition to defending the creative decisions, Cuaron also pointed out the (possibly stinky) little inaccuracy that no one has actually bothered to point out yet:

“It is [accurate]! I mean, maybe those people did not realize that Sandra Bullock is not an astronaut in real life. We tried to be as accurate as possible in the frame of our fiction. And the funny thing is that we get the criticism from people on Earth, but astronauts love the film. They say it’s the closest thing to being in space. That we have things that are not accurate? Of course — and actually, we know about them. 

And we chose to disregard those things, because we wanted first of all to honor the emotional journey of the film. The funny thing in all of these things — nobody has picked up on the most obvious one. And that is that when Sandra takes off her astronaut suit, she would be wearing an adult diaper. And obviously, we chose not to do that. And the same thing with the orbital planes and stuff. We chose not to do that. It’s a movie. It’s a movie!”

To be honest, we looked right over that diaper gaffe — and, yeah, that was probably a pretty good decision on Cuaron’s part. But they absolutely nailed the zero-gravity effects (just ask Buzz Aldrin), and that’s really the crux of setting the scene.

What do you think? Did the inaccuracies bug you? Did you even notice any?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)