Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity: Angelina's out, Downey's in

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Tomb Raider is out and Iron Man is in as Children of Men's Alfonso Cuaron looks to get his 3-D space film Gravity off the ground, reported.

Downey is negotiating a deal to star as the leader of a team posted at a remote space station who is traveling outside the station with a female colleague when the other team members are killed by debris from an exploded satellite.

Downey was attracted to the project for a chance to work with Cuaron, who also directed Y tu mama tambien. Downey will shoot the film in London this summer, finishing in time to re-team with director Guy Ritchie and Jude Law in the Sherlock Holmes sequel that will shoot in early fall, also in London.

Cuaron wrote the script , which had originally been developed at Universal with the intention of having Jolie play the female role, with his son, Jonas. Much of the film was to be devoted to Jolie's struggle to get back to Earth and her daughter. But Jolie passed on the project around the time Universal cut it loose, and it will now be co-financed by Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures.

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