That Alice in Wonderland sequel is happening (with a time jump!)

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Mar 8, 2013, 4:15 PM EST

After banking a billion dollars worldwide, it’s no surprise that Disney wants a sequel to the box-office juggernaut Alice in Wonderland. Well, it’s been three years, and still nothing—until now.

Producer Joe Roth opened up to Collider about how things are developing with the Wonderland follow-up, and mentioned the approach they’re taking to the universe. Expect some of the same characters, but not exactly the same Wonderland:

“It’s a whole new cloth.  In that case, I went to the writer, Linda Woolverton, who came up with a story that takes place in a different time, but has the same characters.”

If you’ve seen Wonderland, it’s pretty obvious that director Tim Burton didn’t exactly leave any obvious openings for a sequel, so the time-jump approach is probably a good idea. It gives the writers freedom to develop a new storyline but keep it in the same ballpark so you can bring back some or all of the characters fans have come to love. 

But the biggest question still hanging out there is who will be involved. Namely, will Burton come back for round two, and will star Johnny Depp want to make a return trip through the looking glass?

No one knows yet, but considering the amount of cash the original made, you’d have to think Disney is keen to get the band back together in hopes they can recapture the magic.

What would you like to see in a Wonderland sequel?

(Via Collider)