Adam Savage toys with the creatures and props of Alien: Covenant

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May 18, 2017

Earlier this year, geek guru Adam Savage and his Tested team made a dream trip to the Fox Studio in Sydney, Australia, to peer into the amazing world of Alien: Covenant, and here's the fourth chapter of that revealing encounter, this time focusing on the creature effects for Ridley Scott's sci-fi sequel.

Part 1 centered on the colossal sets, Part 2 viewed the production's weapons and blood, and Part 3 saw Savage slipping on the spacesuits. Now explore the frightening beasts of Covenant and how they were brought to life for the silver screen.

This new video tour wanders into more of the elaborate sets and the fabrication workshop, then visits with visual effects supervisor Neil Corbould regarding the renaissance of practical effects in Hollywood projects and examines the myriad ways they can add complexity and realism to cutting-edge digital wizardry.

Brief yourself on the lethal creatures and 3D-printed props of Alien: Covenant before the movie lands in theaters tomorrow!

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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