Alien: Covenant book prequel will explore what happened after Prometheus

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May 24, 2017, 5:06 PM EDT

If you raced to see Alien: Covenant and left the theaters with several questions about what happened prior, a novel written by Alan Dean Foster should answer some of them. Originally thought of as a sequel to Alien: Covenant, the book, Alien: Covenant – Origins, will now be a prequel to the film and explain some of what happened in the 10-year period between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant

It will be a mass-market 304-page paperback and will be the latest novelization Foster has written for the franchise. It will be published by Titan Books and released on September 26. Foster has written novelizations for Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and, most recently, Alien: Covenant. He has numerous novelization credits in the Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien Nation, Transformers and Terminator franchises. He also has 20 stand-alone novels in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

What could Foster be exploring in Covenant – Origins? For those who have yet to see Alien Covenant, beware of SPOILERS ahead

We can hope that he digs further into the most fascinating aspects of Covenant that were lightly scratched at in the film, for example, David’s (Michael Fassbender) propensity to experiment and his fascination with the Xenomorphs species and all of its variations, his devotion and respect to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and what he ultimately does to her, and the reasons as to why he unleashed such chaos onto another race of beings. 

Who knows if Foster can and will touch upon these plot points in Covenant – Origins, but that 10-year period certainly has plenty of fertile ground to play with, and it could bring some original angles and themes to the Alien saga, instead of hitting those familiar notes that we’ve seen repeated in many of the films. A novel could also have more latitude to go more in-depth with a plot point and not necessarily cater to a general audience. In other words, there could be something fresh added to the greater story if we can delve into David or Dr. Shaw's minds during the course of this period of time. 

Foster confirmed where the upcoming novel fits chronologically, and that he hopes to add some canon to the greater saga of Alien. How many of you would be interested in reading about what happened in this 10-year gap? What details would you like to read about? Share your comments below.