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Alien: Covenant has invaded Dave & Buster's with an arcade game and creepy drinks

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

With Alien: Covenant crawling into Blu-ray on August 15, there is about to be an extraterrestrial invasion at the flashing neon universe otherwise known as Dave & Buster’s. You’ll get to drink from the eldritch depths and blast xenomorphs to space dust.

Did I mention you get to shoot aliens?

The movie (not to mention Ripley’s assault weapon) inspired the barcade chain’s newest game, from which a glowing xenomorph emerges. The thing is ready to rip your throat out if you don’t vaporize a swarm of its kind fast enough with a virtual space gun. The tech here will probably remind you of an eerily similar species of game. If you were a fan of Aliens: Armageddon, then Covenant will abduct you. Morphed into a monster with all-new artwork and LED lighting, it pretty much is Aliens: Armageddon leveled up.

Though Alien fans have been divided when it comes to Covenant, which didn’t exactly take over Earth or the box office as many expected it to, everyone can probably agree on the appeal of obliterating nasty drooling life-forms that will eat you first if you so much as blink.


You’re going to need some liquid courage before you head out into wild space to do battle with things that are all teeth and whose spawn could randomly end up bursting through your ribcage.

Enter the Monster Isle drink menu, which was timed just a little too perfectly to be a coincidence. You’ll find yourself facing a gaping Cthuloid cephalopod or scaly, slithering leviathan before you brave that first sip of punch. Pick your poison from the Sailor’s Mirage, Dangerous Waters, the Shipwreck and, of course, the Sea Monster. Of course, all four monstrosities are generously splashed with pirate rum.

You even get to take the freaky things home. Not the aliens, but the creatures from the deep.


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