The rover in Alien: Covenant is real, and was actually designed to go to space

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Apr 28, 2017, 10:15 AM EDT

The exploratory rover used by the crew in Alien: Covenant looks like it’d be more than capable of taking a cruise around an alien planet. Turns out, there’s a good reason.

Dubbed the Lunar Quattro, the little rover was designed by auto manufacturer Audi and the start-up space firm Part-Time Scientists. It’s being developed for a real-life moon mission, and the companies hope to include it on a future launch from a private space firm. But first, director Ridley Scott decided to put the Quattro through its paces exploring a much more distant alien world. We’re curious to see how it handles Xenomorphs. You know, in case it stumbles upon one on the dark side of the moon at some point.

The rover was designed to take advantage of some of Audi’s all-wheel drive expertise, lightweight construction, and electric-hybrid motors. The rover is made of 85 percent aluminum, and includes a pivoting solar panel for solar power. The real version of the Quattro is still in development, though Audi and Part-Time Scientists are nearing completion of a functioning prototype. 

Also: Considering this is a movie set in space, in the far future, it’s a testament to 20th Century Fox and Audi to actually figure out a way to include a car company’s product placement on an alien planet with no actual cars. Well played, and welcome to the future.

(Via Audi, io9)

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