Alien's Jonesy the Cat will headline his own book: Get your paws on this exclusive sneak peek

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May 3, 2018, 2:57 PM EDT

In space no one can hear you meow.

Here's some catnip for Alien fans: The untold story of how everyone's favorite fierce feline, Jonesy, outsmarted and evaded the Xenomorph in Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi horror film is coming to a bookstore near you!

Titan Books is planning to release Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo, a full-color illustrated book offering up a cat's-eye point of view on the disaster that went down aboard the mining starship after it landed on planetoid LV-426 to investigate a distress signal coming from a derelict alien spacecraft — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive sneak peek at some of its pages.


Of course, Alien chronicled the terror the seven Nostromo crew members faced after one of them brought back a facehugging organism that eventually morphed into the giant acid-for-blood creature of our nightmares.

And we all know what happened after that — the alien stalked and killed the entire crew save Sigourney Weaver's character, Ellen Ripley, and her beloved Jonesy, the wily ginger Tomcat who managed to stay alive, even as Ripley blew the xenomorph out of the "g-damn airlock." Owner and pet, of course, went on to a fitful 57-year cryo sleep, with Jonesy going on to make a brief appearance in James Cameron's sequel, Aliens, before Ripley left the "little s---thead" in good hands back on the space station orbiting Earth.


But the tale of how Jonesy managed to survive all by himself on the Nostromo has yet to be told — until now.

The tome, by author Rory Lucey, will hit bookstores on Oct. 16 from Titan Books, the U.K.-based publisher famed for its sci-fi and horror graphic novels and TV and movie tie-in fiction including titles based on Marvel, Firefly and other franchises.

Here's the book's synopsis:

Aboard the USCSS Nostromo, Jonesy leads a simple life enjoying The Company cat food and chasing space rodents. Until one day, his cryostasis catnap is rudely interrupted. The humans have a new pet and it’s definitely not housetrained.

Lucey tells SYFY WIRE that the genesis for the book's idea began with a simple question from his significant other. 

"A few years ago, after convincing my wife to watch Alien with me, she only wanted to know one thing before we began: 'Does the cat die?' " he recalls. "For a movie that ends with two survivors — one of them being Jonesy the cat — we really don’t get to see much of what the cat is up to throughout the film. As an artist who lives with a rambunctious orange feline, I started sketching what nine lives on the Nostromo might be like, which is how this book got started."

Check out these exclusive images from Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo, courtesy of Titan. Fans of the feline can pre-order the book here.