Alien life could become much more common in the next trillion years or so

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Aug 4, 2016

The prevailing sci-fi prognostication is that humans are likely on the lower end of the evolutionary ladder when it comes to potential alien life. But it turns out we lowly humans could be the future alien overlords in this scenario.

Space reports that a new modeling study indicates the universe will be much more viable for alien life in the far future. And by “far future,” we’re talking trillions of years down the line. The findings note the odds of alien life should be around 1,000 times more likely in about 5-10 trillion years. So, yeah, we should have more than enough time to figure out warp drive tech before we go hunting for neighbors.

The study essentially looks at the full lifespan of the universe itself, from 30 million years after the Big Bang (when start first created “heavy” elements) to 10 trillion years from now, when the last stars are expected to die out. The report notes Earth is a fairly significant anomaly in the grand scheme of things, on the extremely “premature” end of the spectrum when it comes to evolution. Sure, we’re proof that it can happen now, but the study notes the odds are “much higher” in the distant future.

We still have a lot to figure out, but it’s important to remember even the smallest stars can burn for 10 trillion years. That’s plenty of time for the right mix of primordial ooze to hit the right conditions.

So, yeah. The odds we’ll be invaded by aliens is lower (yay). But so are the odds we’ll make any friends out there.

(Via Space)

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