This Alien-style exo-suit is already being used in some int'l factories

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Aug 4, 2014, 5:48 PM EDT (Updated)

We’ve been waiting for our badass exo-suits ever since Ripley used one to duke it out with a xenomorph in Alien, so check out the first generation, already being tested in South Korea.

Shipbuilders Daewoo have reportedly been testing some exo-suits designed to give the wearer super strength in some of their South Korean factories, and the beta version allows someone to pick up 70+ pounds of metal like it’s a six-pack of beer. The 2.0 version will reportedly allow the wearer to manhandle 200+ pounds of equipment with ease, which should come in handy when building multi-ton ships.

If you’re looking to head to South Korea and get a job on the line testing one of these out, just an FYI: They currently only fit people between 63 and 73 inches in height — so no extremely tall folks allowed. According to Gizmodo, the wearer can walk at a normal pace when wearing the 60-pound suit, accommodating most natural human motion. 

The kit is constructed out of a hydraulically supported frame of carbon, aluminum alloy and steel, which disperses the weight and makes it easy to move all that weight around. Reports from the testing phase note the suit will allow workers to “hold heavy machinery as if it's a simple hand tool, vastly increasing their productivity.” The versions currently in use can run wide open for three hours before needing a recharge.

It might not be up to the task of taking on a queen alien just yet, but give ‘em time.

(Via Gizmodo, New Scientist)