Alien superfan's amazing Space Jockey sculpture is up for sale

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Mar 12, 2014

Got a spare eight grand lying around?  That's what it'll take to buy this incredible 1/8 scale model sculpture of H.R. Giger's infamous Space Jockey from 1979's Alien. Artist Dave Tootill dedicated more than 900 hours to this mini-masterpiece, spread out over a two-year period, utilizing a mixture of DAS modeling clay, plastic sheets, rods, tubes, dowels, a model skull and other scraps and snippets.  Once finished, Tootill hand-painted and textured every inch, old-school style!  Now it's for sale over at Etsy for $8,928.88 and ships only to the United Kingdom.  Want this amazing labor of love for your geek den?  Better snag a U.K. address and hop on over the pond to pick it up.

Take a look at the pics below to see how it all was hatched ...

(Via Nerd Approved)

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