Watch the original Alien recut as a kooky cat comedy

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Jun 1, 2017, 1:12 AM EDT (Updated)

Proving that in space, no one can hear you purr, check out this hilarious trailer that reimagines 1979's Alien as a wacky "kitty in outer space" comedy in the vein of Disney's classic "That Darn Cat!" Watch as Ripley's precious pet, Jones, becomes the rambunctious little critter from the interstellar litter box called LV-426 that just can't seem to keep out of mischief.

Honestly, after the gory, dread-dripping depression of Alien: Covenant, this funny little short by Mashable Watercooler is just what I needed to get back into a happier orbit. How about you?

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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