Albino alien pig-dog creature reportedly terrorizing Namibian villagers

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

Reports are popping up from a small African community about a creature that makes the legendary chupacabra sound like a puppy dog.

Residents of the African republic of Namibia are complaining that a freaky albino creature that looks like a wild pig with a dog's head has been terrorizing domestic animals.

"This is an alien animal that the people have not seen before," Namibian official Andreas Mundjindi told the regional newspaper the Informante. "We don't have a forest here, only bushes. So, this must be black magic at play."

A combination of aliens and black magic? You'd have to think this critter means business.

According to The Huffington Post, locals seem to believe the creature may belong to a mysterious old warlock who (allegedly) lives in the area.

"Everyone believes it is his beast and even he knows that we think so," a villager reportedly told Informante. "When it comes [to] our side in the night, all the dogs are barking, but if it goes back west, then it's all hush. People must be safe. We don't want to be mauled by things we don't know."

Scattered reports of weird, unexplained creatures are actually fairly common in Africa, with a separate report making the rounds in 2009 that a vampire tiger had been sucking the blood out of cows. Let's just hope those two don't mate.

What do you think? Is the chupacabra's freaky cousin out roaming the plains of Africa?

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