Aliens are abducted and Alex hunts for Jeremiah in tense new Supergirl trailer

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Feb 28, 2017, 1:30 PM EST

"Cadmus is going to slaughter them. I can stop them, but only with your help." Following last night's episode of Supergirl, The CW has released the extended trailer for next week's adventure, titled "Exodus."

WARNING: Spoilers from "Homecoming" below.

With Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) on the run after betraying his family and the DEO (his "rescue" was all a ploy to get to the alien registry stored inside the DEO's computers) and handing over the list of all the alien refugees who signed the Alien Amnesty Act to Cadmus (all for Alex, apparently), next week's episode will see #TeamSupergirl scrambling to thwart a nefarious plot that includes alien snatching.

From what can be seen in the trailer below, Winn's (Jeremy Jordan) totally bad-ass and awesome new alien girlfriend Lyra -- played by Salem alum Tamzin Merchant -- gets taken by Lillian Luthor's (Brenda Strong) evil organization. You can bet your sweet @$s that Winn's not gonna let that fly.

Then there's this little gem here: "You're the only Superman we need." – Lillian to Jeremiah (Cain played the Man of Steel in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman). How much fun is that reference? I had chills, and I think it works even better since Jeremiah now possesses enhanced strength (like Cyborg Superman) thanks to that cybernetic arm of his courtesy of Project Cadmus.

Read up on the episode synopsis before digging into the new trailer. Supergirl airs Mondays at 8PM on The CW.

As Alex (Chyler Leigh) searches for Jeremiah (guest star Dean Cain) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) investigates a series of alien kidnappings, the sisters realize they must break the rules to foil a new Cadmus plot. In an effort to get Snapper Carr (guest star Ian Gomez) to run a story that would help her stop Cadmus, Kara agrees to set up an interview between Snapper and Supergirl.

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