Aliens star attacks recent videogame Colonial Marines as 'passionless'

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Aug 19, 2013, 3:37 PM EDT

Though it started out as an icon, the Aliens franchise has definitely seen better days. Now, one of the original stars is taking aim at a recent big-budget videogame that tried (and failed) to bring back some of that former glory.

Sega’s videogame Aliens: Colonial Marines was meant to bring the languishing franchise back into the spotlight, though a rushed schedule and troubled production schedule doomed the project before it ever landed on any PS3s or Xbox 360s.

Fan-favorite star Michael Biehn, who signed on to come back for the game to voice Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, has finally opened up about the process — and it ain’t pretty. Here’s what he told Game Informer about his role:

“It seemed kind of passionless. I think in movies, television, and the gaming world, you get some people that are really, really passionate, and some people that are just going through the paces. They think that because they have a brand name they’re going to get a hit game or hit movie out of it. That certainly was the situation on [Aliens: Colonial Marines].”

As anyone who has played the game can attest, Biehn is absolutely right. The game was a total mess, despite having one of the coolest franchises in sci-fi history to play with. 

What did you think of the game? Are you still waiting for the definitive Aliens videogame experience?

(Via Game Informer)