All 200 original Sailor Moon episodes are (finally) getting the release they deserve

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May 19, 2014, 2:36 PM EDT

Fighting evil by moonlight never looked (or sounded) so good!

We've been hearing about the all new Sailor Moon animated series (which start in July), but there's (arguably) even more exciting news about the old '90s cartoon -- it's finally getting the release it deserves!

Yes, that's right. After years of import and bootlegging only, the cartoon that birthed many a huge anime fan is getting treated properly just in time for the new series. That means an uncropped, unedited version of every season (yes, including Sailor Star) and all the movies, too!

In fact, you can already watch the first four episodes subtitled right now on Hulu, with two more being added every week! I just got through with the pilot and it really looks and sounds better than I've ever seen/heard it. As someone who only saw the dub back in the '90s, I'm amazed to see just how different Sailor Moon was even from the start. Usagi/Serena is far less bratty, the villains feel more villainous, and everything just makes more sense, in general.

And speaking of things making more sense, the trailer revealing the news makes one thing very clear -- Sailors Uranus and Neptune ain't cousins anymore!

In addition to the digital release, there will also be DVD/Blu-rays coming out later this year, too, which will include a brand-new English dub. Could that mean that Zoisite will be voiced by a man, finally?

Not gonna lie, once again an anime squarely aimed at middle-school girls has this 30-something dude very excited. But, somehow, I doubt I'm alone.