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All-clown screenings planned for Stephen King's IT, as if it's not scary enough already

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Mar 25, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT (Updated)

True coulrophobics might want to skip Alamo Draft House's newly announced clown-only screenings of Stephen King's It, sure to be flooded with floppy shoes, red noses, and polka-dot jumpsuits.

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Not to be prejudiced to any particular form of dress, but for a series of three unique IT screenings starting at 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 9, the revival house cinema in Austin, Texas, will require that all attendees don their most outrageous clown outfits and absorb the spirit of Pennywise in a jocular dress-up carnival you'll never forget. This all started as a joke and has now bloomed into a full-fledged, frizzy wig-flocked event sure to sell out in less time than it takes to wolf down a pack of pink popcorn.

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Prior to this hilarious affair, Alamo Draft House will host a pre-screening party starting at 5:30 p.m. at its carnival-themed cantina, Barrel O' Fun, including a photo booth, clown-centric activities, face painting, and raffles for prizes. For tickets and more info, visit their site HERE.

If you're any kind of Stephen King fan, this will be a night to remember. Maybe this will inspire other theaters across the country to present their own all-clown screenings of Andy Muschietti's IT so those of us who don't live in Texas can partake in this crazy clownapalooza. Please!

Of course, Alamo Draft House made headlines earlier this year with a few women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. It'll be interesting to see if, umm, clown critics(?) also howl about these.

(Via Variety)