The all-female Ghostbusters movie has been cast. Here's who you're gonna call!

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Jan 27, 2015, 8:16 PM EST (Updated)

For many reasons, the universe as a whole has dug its heels in sharp over the notion of a new Ghostbusters movie. Maybe it's that Ghostbusters is such a sacred cow, maybe it's that director Paul Feig was going with an all-female cast, maybe it's simply that most people, collectively, ain't afraid of no ghosts no more, thus making a continuation of the franchise pointless.

But however and whyever you may feel the way you do, an all-lady-all-the-time Ghostbusters movie is coming, and the cast is about to sign on the dotted line. So, who's in?

The one person who is 100 percent confirmed is Melissa McCarthy. Not sure how you feel, but every time the woman who won my heart as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls takes the spotlight, I do a little victory dance. Because she's awesome.

Surprise! With McCarthy on board, Kristen Wiig is presently in negotiations and allegedly about to sign. That makes sense, because Kristen loves Melissa and Melissa loves when Kristen has tiny hands and a big forehead, obviously. Feig, Wiig, McCarthy -- if you liked Bridesmaids, you will probably like this Ghostbusters reboot.

Justin Bieber lookalike and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon is also in negotiations but is, apparently all set to go. She's an out lesbian, so, hey, representation. Thanks, Ghostbusters! Also, McKinnon is maybe the human being who was constructed from the dreams of all other humans.

Who's rounding out the negotiating cast? Why, bless me, it's Leslie Jones! She's mostly known for being the SNL writer who got promoted to featured player in under a year because she's so amazing. She's also known for trying to scoop up Weekend Update's Colin Jost for herself only, which isn't cool, but let's forgive her.

So that's ... basically an all-SNL cast. All things considered, that makes A LOT of sense considering whence the original Ghostbusters cast came.

Obviously, this post is pretty upbeat. Let's hear it -- what do you think?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)