All hell breaks loose (literally) in new trailer for Season 2 of Dominion

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Jun 18, 2015

The war between the angels is ramping back up this summer, and here’s a peek at year two of the supernatural drama Dominion.

Airing on Syfy (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed.), the first season tracked the fate of the Earth a full 25 years after an army of angels waged war on humanity. The angels, led by Gabriel (Carl Beukes), took out a massive chunk of the human population — until the archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) turned against his own kind and helped build some fortified cities to protect the survivors. The series itself is set in the ruins of Las Vegas, where a new savior (Christopher Egan) might be on the rise.

Though it took a while to ramp up, the first season grew into a steamy political drama with some nice action and religious undertones. The first year also did a solid job of setting up the world and the stakes, and judging by the footage from Season 2, it seems we’ll finally be getting some payoff from all that setup. Things are building to all-out war, and this guilty pleasure looks like it’ll be even more delicious for the second go-round.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

The second season of Dominion premieres July 9 on Syfy.

(Via Syfy)

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