All the nerds were computer hacking in the 80's according to this rad supercut

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Jul 26, 2014, 10:29 AM EDT

Bust out the pocket protector and throw some tape on those thick-rims, fellow dweebs. It's time to code in QBasic on our IBMs like our lives depend on it. 

Hollywood has never been very good at explaining technology, but if there is one era that got computers wrong with style, it's the '80s. Look at the '90s: It's mostly clipart, weird ASCII characters flying around in space and the assumption that hackers looked like they were fresh off an all-night rave.

Nobody wants to be associated with that stuff. And, any time after that, it gets progressively more and more boring.

But not the '80s. Back then they knew how to egreiously misunderstand how computers worked, as evidenced by this supercut of '80s geeks hacking.

Just look how big everyone's glasses are! This was a time when filmmakers were convinced that the right nerd with the right computer could do anything. It was a good time to grow up, because even though you knew it wasn't true, it was still fun to pretend you coul use your computer to accidentally start a thermonuclear war and then save the day with tic-tac-toe.

Can we go back to this, please, Hollywood?

(via Uproxx)