All-New Wolverine #33- Cover Art
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All-New Wolverine heads to the future, and the president is a very familiar face

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Apr 4, 2018, 5:17 PM EDT

The adventures of Laura Kinney continued today, as Marvel released All-New Wolverine #33. It is the beginning of the "Old Woman Laura" storyline, and it's already off to a slashingly good start. 

The issue is written by Tom Taylor, with artwork by Ramon Rosanas and a cover by David Lopez. It takes place in what Marvel describes as "the not too distant future," but it's clear that a great deal has gone on since we last saw Laura, aka X-23, aka Logan's "descendant." She still has a clone of her own — a young hero named Gabby, and she shares the same healing factor and SNIKT-worthy claws as Laura and Logan. She also has a nifty futuristic suit, and two children named Logan and Wade. Apparently they are a handful, and being stomped on by Thanos is preferable to dealing with them. 

Gabby now wears the full mantle of Wolverine, while Laura has become the Queen of Madripoor. They talk about winning something called "The Doom War," and Laura remarks on how the heroes won. The problem is, Laura's cloned cells have started to degrade. In a moment of pure heartbreak, she tells Gabby that she only has a few months left to live. Before she dies, the elder Wolverine has one person to save, and one person to kill. In order to track them down, she'll need the help of some friends in high places. 

She needs the help of one friend in particular, who just so happens to be the President of the United States. Ladies and gentlemen, sing hail to the chief and greet the future president: 

All-New Wolverine #33- Old Woman Laura and President Kamala Khan

Courtesy of Marvel

That's right— in the future depicted in this comic, the President of the United States is Kamala Khan. Not only has the former Ms. Marvel achieved the highest office in the land, but she has Maria Hill working with her as the Chairwoman of the Joint Chiefs. 

It's depicted in the panel above, but Laura makes it pretty clear that the person on her list that she's going to kill is Doctor Doom. Because of that, a trip to Latveria is in order. Hill, sporting a jacket with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo (and an eye scar that evokes Nick Fury), objects to this, but only on the grounds that she goes, too. Soon enough, Laura, Maria, and Gabby are off to Latveria, a place that is easy to smuggle weapons out of, but the last place anyone would want to smuggle themselves into. 

Though the reveal of President Khan is the biggest joy of the issue, there are other easter eggs spread throughout, such as the mention of a Sorcerer Supreme as well as a "Doctor Valeria Richards." Laura also doesn't seem afraid to die, as she says, "I've lived. And I feel like I've lived well." 

It's almost hard to believe that the little girl we first met as X-23 in Old Man Logan (and in the movie Logan, which is loosely based on that story) has come this far. Though her successor is up the challenges before her (and has not inherited the same cloning defect), we're not counting on Laura going quietly into that good night just yet. Her future may still have some guns left in the valley— as long as she and her crew manage to escape the giant fist that is flying towards them at the end of the issue. 

Look for the adventures of "Old Woman Laura" to continue in All-New Wolverine #34. In the meantime, did you enjoy the new issue? Are you ready to see Laura face off against Doom? Do you enjoy the thought of Ms. Marvel as president? Let us know in the comments!