All The Creatures Were Stirring

All The Creatures Were Stirring trailer delivers holiday horror in anthology form

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Oct 22, 2018, 9:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Christmas is the time of year when we're all supposed to gather around and watch heartwarming, uplifting films full of comfort and joy... so of course decades ago a few demented horror filmmakers had to go and mess that all up, and holiday horror movies were born. From Black Christmas to Silent Night, Deadly Night to Krampus, scary movies taking place in decked halls are a December tradition, and this year that tradition continues with All The Creatures Were Stirring

Written and directed by the husband-and-wife team of David Ian and Rebekah McKendry (both longtime fixtures in the horror community), All The Creatures Were Stirring really does aim to show us all the holiday frights it possibly can, taking an anthology approach framed through a strange Christmas Eve date at a theater where a couple watches the various stories unfold.

The stories themselves cover everything from creepy stalker notes that reference A Christmas Carol to green-eyed monsters to aliens to an office gift exchange that turns murderous very, very quickly. It's all juxtaposed with the usual sights and sounds of the season — lights, trees, gifts, food, booze, and cheer — to deliver that classic contrast of festive and frightening we all know and love from Christmas horrors past. 

Starring Constance Wu (whom the whole world now recognizes from her megahit Crazy Rich Asians), Jonathan Kite, Amanda Fuller, Ashley Clements, Jocelin Donahue, Matt Long, and more, All The Creatures Were Stirring arrives on DVD and digital Dec. 4, just in time for a holiday fright.