All the sci-fi movies and TV coming to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon in October 2017

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Mar 25, 2021, 11:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Two words: Stranger Things. The big story on streaming this month is undoubtedly the second season of Netflix’s massive, surprise hit horror series. Buzz is sky-high for Season 2, and we get to see it in all its spine-tingling glory just in time for Halloween.

But that’s not the only thing hitting Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

All three services look to be adding some solid TV offerings, from full season sets to genre-friendly originals. There aren’t a ton of A-list movies this month, but there are some excellent deep cuts and horror classics to keep us good and freaked out for most of the months. If you’re looking for an ambitious binge challenge, Hulu will be adding all 10 seasons of Smallville. Go on, you know you want to spend the next month watching the show that paved the way for the Arrow-verse, right?


A note: We didn’t include Star Trek: Discovery in our list, because it’s pretty much the only genre project to check out on CBS’s upstart All Access streaming service, but it will also be dropping new episodes throughout the month of October. So just FYI.

Check out our full rundown of all the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fare hitting the Big Three streaming services below and let us know what you’ll be bingeing this month:



Stranger Things 2: Eleven and the boys are back, and The Upside Down looks just as terrifying as ever. The story picks up with the town of Hawkins trying to move on from the horror of Will Byers’ disappearance and return in Season 1, as well as the death of several people (R.I.P. Barb) due to the terrifying Demogorgon. The pressure is on for this to be great, but everything we’ve seen up to this point looks up to snuff.


Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 4: The latest season in Netflix’s acclaimed anime-style action series drops this month, and promises a whole lot more robot-fighting action and insanity. The show has proven to be a surprisingly great character drama as well, so be sure to catch up before checking out the latest set of episodes.


1922: Stephen King is everywhere these days, right? Netflix is snatching up the rights to all kinds of King projects, and this one is based on his novella of the same name. It follows a murder plot that turns terrifying and grim (this is King, after all) and stars a well-cast Thomas Jane at the center of the tale.


October 1:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Ghost Patrol

October 3
Cult of Chucky
13 Demons

October 6
Skylanders Academy: Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

October 11
Donnie Darko

October 13
Super Monsters: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 4 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

October 15
LEGO: City: Season 1

October 20
Smurfs: The Lost Village

October 24
The Mist Season 1

October 27
Stranger Things 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)



Smallville: Seasons 1-10: The entire run of Smallville is hitting Hulu, and it’s positively fascinating to blast through this thing and see the evolution from Monsters of the Week to a straight-up small-screen Justice League in the later years. The show had its faults, sure, but was also a whole lot of fun along the way.


Stigmata: If you ever knew it existed, you’ve probably long forgotten about this 1999 supernatural horror flick. But with witches in the air, it’s the perfect time to dig it back up. The story followed a young woman afflicted with stigmata, and the priest tasked with figuring out what the heck is going on. It’s the epitome of the ‘90s, but still so much fun. Oh, and did we mention Billy Corgan did the music for this freaky thriller?


The Librarians: Complete Season 2: If you’re looking for some comfort-food fantasy action, you can’t do much better than The Librarians. Based on the TV movie series of the same name, the show follows a group of heroes searching out to protect and preserve rare artifacts. Think Warehouse 13 meets National Treasure. The full second season hits Hulu this month.


October 1
Smallville: Seasons 1-10
The Amityville Horror (1979)
The Amityville Horror (2005)
Candyman 3: Day of the Dead
The Descent
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Poltergeist II: The Other Side
Poltergeist III
Sleepy Hollow
The Blair Witch Project
Troll 2
Zombie Nation

October 4
American Horror Story: Complete Season 5 (FX)
Timeless: Series Premiere (NBC)

October 18
Twitches, Too (2007)
’Twas the Night (2001)
Halloween High (2004)
Return to Halloweentown (2006)

October 19
Adventure Time: Complete Season 7
StarTalk With Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Season 3 Premiere

October 20
The Librarians: Complete Season 2

October 21



American Horror Story: Season 6: The Roanoke incarnation of FX’s hit horror series slid a bit under the radar, but critics pretty much loved it. The season shook up the anthology approach with a story steeped in history, telling a smaller and creepier tale when compared to more recent runs. It’s a great Halloween option for a binge.


Fight for Space: Space geeks will definitely want to check out this gem. The recent documentary aims to look at the future of space exploration and ask the tough questions of why we don’t already have humans on the moon, or Mars. It includes more than 60 interviews with everyone from politicians to NASA officials, historians and scientists. Here’s hoping Elon Musk hurries up and makes it a moot point and gets us all to Mars soon.


Arrival: Director Denis Villeneuve’s acclaimed 2016 science fiction pic won a boatload of awards for the way it deftly handled loss, mystery and timey-wimey-ness. The film was easily one of the best movies released last year, and is a steal to have included in the Prime bundle. This way you can watch it a few times to make sure you understand it.


October 1
Escape From L.A.
Ghost World
Ghoulies II
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Pet Semetary
Pet Semetary Two
Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
The Machinist

October 3
American Horror Story: Season 6

October 4
Blood Hunters

October 5
The Americans: Season 5

October 7
Blair Witch

October 18
Fight for Space

October 25
Awaken the Shadowman

October 28