All the sci-fi TV and movies coming to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in November 2018

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Oct 31, 2018, 11:17 AM EDT (Updated)

It's a fairly light month for ambitious rollouts of A-list streaming originals, but there are still a few great shows and movies to check out across Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon in the month of November.

Netflix's buzziest debut for genre fans is likely the reboot of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and it'll be interesting to see if fans tune in for the long-awaited revival. The streaming service also has a new run of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, and a special that digs into the most dangerous and deadly magician stunts ever attempted. Turning to movies, Netflix is bringing in Children of Men, Doctor Strange, Cloverfield, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and The Pixar Story.

Hulu is tugging on our '90s nostalgia this month with the high-school-set alien invasion thriller The Faculty, along with some classic 007 and Hellraiser flicks. The service is also adding the 2017 dramedy Downsizing, starring a teeny-tiny Matt Damon. Amazon is also a bit thin, but will be adding the fantastic third season of The Expanse (set to shift from SYFY to Amazon Prime next season). If you need to catch up, do it. It's worth it.

Check out our full rundown below and let us know what you’ll be streaming.



She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Netflix Original): The long-awaited reboot of the 1980s series finally arrives, with a fresh visual style. The story follows a young female warrior who fights evil. This one arrives with a ton of buzz, and here's hoping it lives up to the hype.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet (Netflix Original): The wacky MST3K gang is back, and this time they're facing off against a marathon of six goofy sci-fi flicks for the new season. Scoring fresh MST3K was a major pick-up for the streaming service (at least among the show's fervent fan base), and keeping it around only builds on Netflix's geek cred.

Death by Magic (Netflix Original): It's magic! Or, maybe not, but it's at least really dangerous. This Netflix original follows British magician Drummond Money-Coutts (aka DMC) as he goes behind the scenes of the most dangerous and deadly stunts ever conceived. He'll look at cases where magicians didn't make it out alive and try to unravel what went wrong along the way.

Nov. 1
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Children of Men
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Doctor Strange
From Dusk Till Dawn
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
Planet Hulk
Scary Movie 2
Scary Movie 3
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
: Season 4 (Netflix Original)

Nov. 4
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Nov. 9
Beat Bugs: Season 3 (Netflix Original)

Nov. 13
Oh My Ghost (Netflix Original)

Nov. 16
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Netflix Original)

Oct. 18
The Pixar Story

Nov. 19
Sabrina (Netflix Original)

Nov. 22
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet (Netflix Original)
The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix Original)

Nov. 30
Death by Magic (Netflix Original)
Spy Kids: Mission Critical: Season 2 (Netflix Original)



The Faculty: This late '90s alien invasion thriller wasn’t much of a hit upon release, but its legacy has made it a cult hit to this day. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring a cast full of future stars including Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Jordana Brewster, Famke Janssen, Jon Stewart, and Salma Hayek (see, you probably forgot half these people were in this movie!), The Faculty is so '90s and grunge in all the right ways. It’s worth the price of admission for the soundtrack alone.

Into the Dark: Flesh and Blood: Hulu's new horror anthology Into the Dark returns with a new episode, telling a dark tale around Thanksgiving. The story follows a woman a year after her mother's death who comes under a mysterious threat in her home.

Downsizing: This ambitious 2017 sci-fi dramedy was a bit of a box-office dud, but it's still a fascinating exploration of how technology can so quickly change the world around us. The film follows a man (Matt Damon) who chooses to shrink himself and live in a shrunken city, and the realization that the world still has problems — even when it's tiny.

Nov. 1
Sailor Moon (Complete Season 3)
28 Days Later
A Fairly Odd Christmas
Candyman 3: Day of the Dead
Die Another Day
Dr. No
The Faculty
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
Hellraiser IV: Bloodline
Hostel Part II
License to Kill
Live and Let Die
Ninja III: The Domination
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Revenge of the Ninja
Species: The Awakening
The Spy Who Loved Me
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World Is Not Enough
XXX: State of the Union
You Only Live Twice

Nov. 2
Into The Dark: Flesh & Blood (Hulu Original Series)

Nov. 3

Nov. 7
Europa Report

Nov. 10
Big Hero 6
When You Wish Upon a Pickle Sesame Street Special

Nov. 15
Luis & The Aliens

Nov. 20
Aliens and Agenda 21

Nov. 24
Daylight's End
The Remains



Weird Science: It's never a bad time to revisit this 1985 sci-fi comedy gem. There's a reason it's a cult film, and it's just as fun today as it was 30+ years ago. Two teenagers create their dream woman on a computer, and while the story can be a bit problematic, it's still a classic '80s romp. Also, Robert Downey Jr. Also, Bill Paxton. Both playing villains.

The Expanse (Season 3): Before Amazon Prime debuts the upcoming fourth season of The Expanse, the streaming service has picked up the third season that originally aired on SYFY to get fans ready for the next chapter. Amazon famously rescued the series after SYFY canceled it at the end of Season 3, and what better way to get amped for the return of the acclaimed space opera than with a rewatch?

Wild Kratts: Creatures of the Deep Sea: A fresh special from this award-winning PBS kids' series lands on Amazon this month, so any viewers with kids (or just a healthy appetite for animated education adventures) should appreciate the new addition. The show is fun, bright, and educational — and in a fairly slow month could certainly keep the kiddos entertained.

Nov. 1
Candyman: Day of the Dead
Child’s Play
Die Another Day
Hostel: Part II
The Adventures of Tintin
The Living Daylights
The World Is Not Enough
Weird Science

Nov. 3

Nov. 15 
The Expanse (Season 3)

Nov. 16
Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny

Nov. 20
Pete the Cat: A Very Groovy Christmas

Nov. 20
Wild Kratts: Creatures of the Deep Sea

Nov. 24

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