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All the wondrous cosplay of WonderCon 2018 we could fit in one gallery

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:04 AM EDT (Updated)

Wondercon 2018 was full of Wonder… Women, and legions of other cosplayers who swooped, soared, and zoomed into the Anaheim Convention Center for three epic days of superheroes, super-mashups, Rebel scum, mutants in business suits, creepy clowns, mind-blowing weapons, lollipops so huge they could pass for weapons, Disney everything, battle armor, and Baby Groot.

Let’s talk about the Disney explosion at this con for a second. With Disneyland right there in Anaheim, it’s no surprise that the magic of the Magic Kingdom cast a spell over so many con-goers, as you can see in our mega gallery below. Folks showed up in everything from princess dresses to corseted Playboy bunny versions of those princess dresses. Judy Hopps bounced in to investigate things. Moana sailed over with a mesmerizing Te Fiti who really did look like an anthropomorphic island. Elsa let the cold go for a while. Even with Disneymania like this, you still can’t deny that the crowning moment was when Beauty and the Beast went Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, there was no way you could possibly overlook the human-sized Lego stormtrooper and Kylo Ren walking around.

More movies and TV shows we’ve been recently obsessed with were being cosplayed on repeat, so it was no surprise that the building was invaded by Black Panthers, Lara Crofts, several mothers of dragons, rogue members of the Suicide Squad, and a swarm of Marvel Avengers from every corner of the universe. Pennywise the Clown was also floating through the crowds and scaring the deadlights out of people.

For some cosplayers, a fandom is a fandom no matter when the film version came out, or whether it even exists. Video game and anime characters were appearing everywhere in 3D. Star Trek is basically immortal. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings may have gone there and back again, but there will always be at least one Gandalf wandering the convention center, but not lost.

If you couldn’t make it out to Anaheim for the con that could qualify as the eighth wonder of the world, virtually relive it with our gallery of Instagram-worthy cosplays below, taken by photographer Albert L. Ortega. Post a few to your Insta and tell your friends you were there. They’ll never know.