All of your questions about V's frustrating cliffhanger

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Questions, questions, questions. You'd think we'd just finished watching the season finale of Lost or FlashForward instead of the fourth episode of ABC's V, but last night's "It's Only the Beginning" gave us plenty to contemplate after one mother of a cliffhanger.

While it's hard even to call it a midseason finale after a scant four episodes, we're guessing that's probably the best way to describe it, since you'll have to wait more than three months for the final nine episodes to appear in March 2010.

(Huge, mega, alien spoilers ahead!)

At the end of "It's Only the Beginning," we were left feeling that it might just be the end, judging by the size of the alien armada waiting to pounce on Earth. Our four freedom-fighting heroes don't seem to have a chance against the Vs, even with the Fifth Column in their corner. But it's fun to watch Anna (Morena Baccarin) squirm when things don't go her way.

Here's some of our thoughts—and yours, from ABC.com's V forum—about the questions that popped up after the cliffhanger.

Will Father Jack survive?

Kingtycho thinks he knows better. "Will he make it? How did the one visitor survive the explosion, and how did he find Father Jack?? (he better survive, he's too much an asset to the show right now)"

Well, kingtycho, our best guess is that he'll make it somehow, since he's a star. But why the Visitor would escape the explosion and follow Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), and NOT CALL ANNA before he tries to kill him ... we're at a loss. What purpose does killing him serve when Jack could be used to find the other resistance fighters? We're thinking Anna is not going to be happy with that V, and she can be scary.

What's all this skinning business about?

And when are we going to get to see a what's underneath the Vs' human suits?

Ryan (Morris Chestnut) mentioned skinning in a negative way, like it was the worse thing ever for a V. And then one of the Fifth Column gets skinned by one of his own to protect another Fifth Column V named Joshua. It has to do with sharp blades, it seems to hurt a lot, and the Vs are very scared of it. But why it's a bad thing we don't know yet. It implies the human suit is not just a suit to the Vs.

Lost_Behrings wrote, "If we see Anna tap-dancing down the halls of the V ship with a brand new pair of alligator-type shoes, I think I know where they came from."

You are so right, Lost-Behrings. She is such a bitch.

Is Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) actually going to die?

Will the Vs help his brain problem, or are they just messing with him?

Apparently no one really cares if Chad's brain is about to explode. But did the Vs put something into his brain, OR was something there all along, OR is there NOTHING in Chad's brain at all? We think it's the last one, and they're just messing with him to get him to do their bidding.

What does Anna have planned for Tyler (Logan Huffman)?

Oh, this was a popular one. There's just so many possibilities from sfmacy's "Boy Toy!!!" to nagsmth's belief that "she wants grandkids."


bopper7373 added, "who cares, if we have to wait 'til March to find out..."

Bugaboojda wrote, "I think that Tyler is going to become the leader of the human Peace Ambassadors who will rally all of the youth to defend and protect the Vs."

And here's our favorite from Will_Casity, "Exploit for aggression testing to identify if humans can be controlled through their aggression, since bliss will not work on them. And if that doesn't work, then they will use him to make babies."

What's up with putting SOMETHING in our flu shots?

Ginmartini70 has issues with the plot that has the Vs tainting our flu-shot supply with something called R6. "Americans sure love there conspiracy theories. Look for the anti-vaccine crowd to start quoting V, and for millions to start the theory that vaccines are being developed by extraterrestrials."

Lostwarrior25 so does not agree. "Seriously? It's a show about aliens... SCIENCE FICTION. Nobody's gonna freak out about flu shots. They are not needed anyway, just eat healthy."

(We don't agree with this, BTW. We followed our doctor's advice and got the flu vaccines.)

Who is John May?

He's maybe a legend or the leader of the Fifth Column rebels, and the Web is abuzz with the possibilities as to who he is. Could he be Marcus, Anna's right-hand man? Or perhaps Ryan? Or maybe someone we don't know yet?

According to VickyVicious, she thinks it just might be Marcus (Christopher Shyer). "For some reason I have a feeling that he's a good guy. And maybe happens to be John May. There is just something about him that is off. And I feel like if he isn't a good guy after all then he is a bad guy, like really bad. Beyond bad. Evil."

As for 2Tizacuv, he wrote, "I am hoping that John May will be a cameo surprise, like Marc Singer, Michael Ironside or [Robert] Englund to play that part." For those of you too young to remember, they were stars of the original V miniseries.

Do we puny Earthlings have a chance?

Especially with a gazillion V ships waiting to pounce on us?

Well, Gitchee thinks, "The armada we saw at the end of the show was mentioned in other discussions, and some were wondering if it could be the Fifth Column. So, I went and re-watched the ending. Anna's last words were 'What you've seen today Tyler, is only the beginning.' Then she looked upward into the distance and the scene rapidly zoomed through the galaxy to the armada. That leads me to believe it is not the Fifth Column, but instead is the Visitor's invasion fleet."

We're going with an invasion fleet, otherwise they'd just pop by and blow up Anna. After all, there were way more than 29 ships in that fleet.

Will there be that half-alien baby after all?

Looks like we're in for a V/human child now that Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) is preggers with Ryan's child. Think he's going to tell her he's an traitorous alien reptile bastard BEFORE she gives birth?

Aerosimms had a realization. "You know, I was thinking of this and then realized - it's Morris Chestnut! As long as he doesn't have to take off his human suit - she can hang out in denial. I definitely would. Because she's a psychologist, she can rationalize it by saying she's studying V psychology."

"Do we really know who Valerie's baby daddy is?" Tandona wrote. "What if she got pregnant while visiting the health center? Her boyfriend is a V and he is probably not going to be so irresponsible to get her pregnant without a plan."

Irresponsible baby daddy or not, we also think Morris should keep on his human suit and just take off his shirt more often.

When is someone going to eat a guinea pig?

"So much for another show with 5 years of interlocking mysteries with a 100 loose ends. If you want aliens here they are. Infiltrators and traitors don't blink. Even though 5th Column is the wrong term here, we have Ryan (not Gunn from Angel) taking on his own people, while Tyler is all set to kiss off human-kind for a cute blond. As the show was barreling fast down the road I was sure there was going to be a guinea pig sighting," wrote Lost_Behrings.

We can only hope.

Why is ABC making us wait until March to see more?

Wcman17 ranted, "What a crock of doo-doo that this won't be back until March of 2010...That's 4 months away....what gives? I'm sorry, I won't be watching in the future.....in 4 months I will have found something else to watch....ABC, you already do this with LOST.....why do you subject the public to this kind of game?"

"It's a little sad, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the government that was getting this show cancelled," added conspiracy theorist seb_V.

Conspiracy theorist GGordonGoodgame commented, "Did I miss something? V was pulled off the air at the insistence of the White House. Look for next season to have a whole different feeling to it. The show was a great start...The head writer was fired for his parallel references to the current government attempt at a Marxist takeover...Look for next season to have a much more 'predictable' bad guy...A Sarah Palin look alike with a Wasilla accent...Wouldn't surprise me a bit."

wipurfield3 also ranted, "I hate you people! 4 episodes! Seriously! It's no wonder that network tele is losing to cable."

Well, we don't have a lot to add to those comments. Enough said.

And how did you feel about the "midseason" finale and the long, long wait for more V? Or have you lost interest completely?

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