Alleged casting call indicates Amazing Spider-Man 3 is moving forward right now

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Jan 5, 2015, 10:24 AM EST

We didn’t have to see all the shenanigans and confusion in those leaked e-mails to know Sony has no clue what to do with the Spider-Man franchise, and now it sounds like the plan might’ve changed. Again.

We already know Sony is planning several (odd) potential spinoffs from its Amazing Spider-Man flagship, and since negotiations to cross over with the Marvel Cinematic Universe have apparently stalled, the studio is scrambling to determine exactly what to do. Now it sounds like they could be going back to the source.

Last we’d heard, a Sinister Six spinoff was set to hit in 2016, but a new casting call indicates Sony might be shifting the release schedule again and bumping Amazing Spider-Man 3 back into that slot. It’d previously been delayed all the way to 2018. The report comes from Bill Beckman Casting, which lists a need for “male and female extras of all races and ethnicities between the ages of 18 and 65” for Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2016.

So what’s the deal? Honestly, it could mean a lot of things. For one, the Sinister Six film could be working under the pseudonym of a direct Spider-Man sequel, or perhaps there’s just confusion over the film’s title. Or, the more interesting option — Sony is moving the straight-up Spider-Man film back up, which is honestly the smartest move outside of cutting a deal with Marvel Studios.

It’s insane when you consider they have one of the biggest comic-book franchises in existence, and instead of playing up the flagship hero, they bench him for almost five years for a series of random spinoffs with minimal odds of success. Especially when the past two Spidey films have underperformed at the box office. The safest bet would be to try and get Spider-Man right (and we have a few ideas) before focusing on spinoffs.

Do you think Sony needs to move up Amazing Spider-Man 3? What would you like to see happen with the Spidey franchise?

(Via Comic Book Movie)