Almost Human exec reveals the REAL Big Bad (and it's not what you thought)

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Jan 6, 2014, 9:03 PM EST (Updated)

The new series Almost Human is making a good run at filling that Fringe void in our hearts, but where that show had major villains each season, creator J.H. Wyman has a very different idea for the “Big Bad” this time around.

During a lengthy chat with IGN, Wyman explained how he’s using the lessons he learned from Fringe to help get the future-set cop series Almost Human off to a good start. Wyman served as a producer on Fringe for several years and was showrunner for the final year. He teamed up with J.J. Abrams once again for Almost Human.

The biggest thing he figured out during his Fringe tenure? To focus on your main characters, and not get lost digging into the Big Bads and trying to one-up them each season. For Almost Human, fans might think the shady Inysndicate is the major baddie —but Wyman says the real Big Bad is the future-world itself.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I learned so much from Fringe. The big bads are sort of interesting, but I’m not crazy about them, because they seem a little unreal. And I was very excited about this being a whole bunch of little and potential big bads, and the world is the big bad. The situations in it are the big bad. I kind of like the idea of a little more realism. Insyndicate is sort of like, today, we have MS-13, we have Hell’s Angels, we have Satan’s Choice, we have Russian Mafia, Albanian Mafia -- I can go on forever -- and they’re all very dangerous in their own way. So I didn’t want to make one be-all and end-all. I just treat the world as a condition. Anybody at anytime could take advantage of this and take advantage of the genie being out of the bottle, technologically, and wreak some serious havoc…

So when it came up, the natural, visceral understanding of what a show like this could be immediately takes you to exciting events -- like, how a criminal is going to take advantage of technology, and how the police are going to combat it. So, police was just natural. Truthfully, I love police. I really do. As a person, I think that they’re very brave. There’s bad in everything, but in general, somebody who’s willing to put their life on the line so that you and I can go out on a date and have some dinner is pretty awesome. So I wanted to tell a story about great people that still believe in a glimpse of humanity in a world where it’s quickly being left behind.”

The series airs Mondays on Fox, and the first season has been a fun romp of action-movie tropes crossed with sci-fi twists. Almost like a mashup of Fringe, Blade Runner and Die Hard. In a good way.

What do you think of the series? Could it grow into the new Fringe?


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