This almost-Third Doctor would have changed Time Lord history forever

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Aug 5, 2014, 3:59 PM EDT (Updated)

Doctor Who changed in 1970, but it almost changed A LOT more.

The Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who is notable because of the many changes it made to the show -- the Third Doctor was bound to earth for the first few seasons, U.N.I.T. became a regular fixture, we learned that the Doctor had two hearts, and, oh yeah, the show was now being broadcast in color (or colour, if you prefer). To say the least, the very DNA of the show had been altered.

But that is nothing compared with what might have happened.

Giant monster (and also actor) Brian Blessed recently revealed that he had been approached about playing the third incarnation of the renegade Time Lord.

After I was in Z Cars, the head of BBC serials took me aside and said, ‘We’re thinking of having a young Doctor Who and we’d like to cast you’. But it clashed with other things.

In case you were wondering who Brian Blessed is, here's a quick clip from "Mindwarp," a Sixth Doctor story in 1986, where Blessed plays an, um ... warrior of some kind.

Yeah. Keep in mind that Brian Blessed is pretty great. His booming voice is a British staple (although it has been used for evil), but as the voice of the Doctor? Let's just say we're not so sure. But Blessed did carve out a legacy in a different space adventure, Flash Gordon. In the 1980 sci-fi movie, Blessed was the winged terror Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen (dive!).

Interestingly, while Blessed says that, if offered again, he'd "jump" at the part, his opinions as to who should play the role next were quite different.

I think they need to re-examine his surname – “Who” is very oriental. It’s about time they had an Asian actor as the Doctor. And a female one.

Well, OK then. What do you think? What would have become of the Doctor had Blessed been the man in the TARDIS for a while?

(via Doctor Who TV)