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Along Came the Devil: Satan goes to church in this exclusive sneak peek

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Aug 6, 2018

Actress Sydney Sweeney (Eden Spencer on The Handmaid's Tale) channels a demonic force — and perhaps Sam Raimi — in this disturbing exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming demonic possession horror film Along Came the Devil.

In this scene, a group of churchgoers prays quietly as an off-screen priest delivers a reading from the Book of John. The camera pans along all the churchgoers, who sit still and bow their heads in silence — except for one woman (Sweeney), who's rocking back and forth in her seat. 

She also appears to be grumbling — or is that growling? — something unintelligible. The camera closes in on her back, and... oh, just see for yourself.


Directed by Jason DeVan, Along Came the Devil centers on young Ashley (Sweeney) as she searches for a connection after enduring a troubled childhood, and in doing so, unknowingly unearths a demonic force. In addition to Sweeney, the film also stars Bruce Davison (X-Men), Matt Dallas (Painted Woman), Madison Lintz (Bosch), and Heather DeVan (Mindless).

Along Came the Devil hits theatres and iTunes on Aug. 10.

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